Director's Note

At FAMSF, we are trying to create the thought leaders in the Indian Film Industry who are witty and ethical at the same time. The idea is to not just educate them about the technicalities of filmmaking or music production, but instill a deep sense of our culture in them and turn them into ambassadors of our unique heritage and traditions. This won’t just have a positive impact on Indian society but will also make Indian culture an economic engine where the world will watch our creations and get inspired. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ will only find its meaning when the Indian culture is projected, appreciated & becomes influential globally.

Eligibility & Criteria

To be eligible for all our courses you need to be at least 16 years of age and completed high school.


We have regular batches for students in the morning and evening but we also have accommodated a schedule for artists and working professionals on weekends, and other timings of their liking. We design custom batches based on the needs and commitments of our students to make our courses and methodologies available to anyone who wants it.


FASMF has been established under Daily Multimedia Limited, a prolific production house in Andheri (Mumbai). We are closely associated with Qualifications and Assessments International U.K (QAI) and CREO Valley, one of the premier film schools in India.

We have different verticals (mentioned in the About Us section) under our parent company where we absorb the best talent besides being the go-to destination for major production houses looking to source talent.


All new students should be thoroughly informed of the general school rules of conduct at the very beginning of their studies. These rules are the following:

1. Mutual respect, courtesy, and honesty set the standard in communication between students and staff and wherever one represents the school. The objectives of the school should be respected, as well as its policies and regulations and care should be taken in all respects so that the reputation of the school remains untarnished.

2. The students attend all classes and show up punctually for class and other school activities. In courses with compulsory attendance, students must attend at least 80% of all classes to attain the right to complete a given course.

3. The students should keep the school and school grounds tidy.

4. Smoking is prohibited in school facilities and on school grounds. All possession and consumption of alcohol and other drugs is strictly prohibited throughout the school.

5. Consumption of food and drink in classrooms and workrooms is prohibited.

6. The students themselves are responsible for their valuables.

7. Any damage which the students may cause on school grounds or to school property shall be compensated by them fully.

8. A violation of these rules can result in expulsion from the school.

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