Acting as an aptitude requires essentials and rudiments of outward appearance, nonverbal communication, voice and discourse, expression, exchange conveyance, camera confronting, activity, body movements, yoga, and breathing for an amazing execution in films, TV show, dramatization and Live presentation. With a visionary intent and purpose, we have designed a training module which is activity oriented and holistic to ensure an upward growth curve of our acting students. The acting course is offered in 3 categories based on duration:
  • 6-month diploma in acting.
  • 4-month diploma in acting
  • 1month introductory course (workshop)


Audiovisuals have been deemed to be the strongest form of communication. In fact, a recent study revealed that users grasp 65% more information when presented to them via audiovisuals as compared to written text. Motion pictures have taken the audiovisuals to a different level by making it the most explorable medium for storytelling. The greatest stories ever told have had one thing in common – the direction. The filmmaker is the owner of the movie and is credited the most to its success and obviously criticized the most for failure. Besides training in basic techniques of filmmaking, we also train our students through methods like film appreciation, visual thinking, art design and etc. The filmmaking course is offered in three durations too:
  • 6-month diploma in film making
  • 4-month diploma in film making
  • 1-month introductory course (workshop)


Script Writing is the capacity to change a smart thought into incredible content by mentally catching the beat of the crowd. Each milestone hitting film is a result of exceptional content that conveys full equity to all characters included, and offers charming exhibitions. The screenwriter assumes a pivotal job in the achievement of the film basically on the grounds that he is the designer of the film. To sum it up, the content she/he composes is the ‘plan’ of the film.

Narrating is a gem and one needs to see all the fundamental parameters including the correct changes and blends to convey a super-hit film. Considered with a dream to move, propel and impact trying screenwriters, FA conveys to you a very much composed learning module on the Art and Craft of Screenwriting. This module will be to a great degree accommodating for new and trying journalists as it will cover different measurements of the calling with result-oriented methodologies. It’s a perfect choice for the individuals who need to become showbiz royalty in the screenwriter’s area.

The course is available in 3 different durations viz.

  • 2 months workshop
  • 4 month diploma
  • 6 month diploma


At the point when a film closes, long after the last credits move, watchers are frequently left with a solitary shot or picture in their mind. Notwithstanding the talked lines and exhibitions, numerous motion pictures are judged on the parameters of their cinematography and imaging. At the FAMSF understudies take centre stage and expert abilities are developed in individuals for them to be an ace of photography who can make the special visual dialect of a film, network show, or web series. All through their term at FAMSF students will reliably take a shot at their cohorts’ creations with various filmmaking students. This hands-on and reasonable experience readies them for entering the film business.
  • 6-month diploma in cinematography.
  • 4-month diploma in cinematography
  • 1-month introductory course (workshop)


We live in the time of the technology explosion, a time where innovation is soundly incorporated in all fields of work. Also, as innovation is regularly developing, it is basic that we advance with it. This abandons saying notwithstanding for the field of sound designing. Sound designing is a course that can be connected to altering for music, movies, or TV and to live shows or exhibitions in the meantime. The utilization of this field is diverse to the point that it expects a center to learn. The sort of center that comes just from an energy that a genuine expressionist can have. Sound designing goes past taking in a product. What’s more, it goes past the hypothesis of music. It is a field that requests a person to take the science, consolidate it with an imagination that can move a spirit.

A course at FASMF gives you an edge in the encounter that online instructional exercises and customary degree programs just can’t offer. You can think about while taking a shot at your own particular music, work together with artists from inside and even outside the school. With us, you get a hypothesis and practice joined with hands-on sessions. What more can you ask for, that is the thing that you need to have to go from a beginner to an expert! Our department of sound is a one-of-its-kind establishment that takes care of and outperforms the requests of the business by having a completely prepared set-up for making industry-prepared experts of elevated expectations.

  • 6 month diploma in sound engineering.
  • 4-month diploma in sound engineering
  • 1-month introductory course (workshop)


Film is made in three procedures – pre-production, production and post-production; each being equally important. Editing is the most key part of the post-production process which needs the entire unit to put the pieces together. But, the most important role in this process is of the editor whose biggest attribute should be – ‘patience’. The film editor is responsible for making the final output that hits the theatres, festivals and the market elsewhere. Editing is a demanding job which needs a person to be very well trained in latest software like AVID and FCP besides knowing the transitions and narration styles. At FA, we not only train the students in the technical side of editing but also the artistic nuances of editing in terms of pattern, flow and symmetry.   
  • 6-month diploma in editing
  • 4-month diploma in editing
  • 1-month introductory course (workshop)


Producer of a film is very similar to the CEO of a company and needs to manage the entire operation from the writing to the rights distribution stage. Producer’s job is to make a film happen and primarily concerned towards the business side of the film. No wonder, the producers are called upon whenever a film wins the best film award on any awards night. Because it is the producer/s who have managed the movie from concept to execution till success! Film production students are trained in shoots, in-house projects and other students’ projects to give them a feel of the managerial role they are about to take up in such a vibrant and dynamic industry.  
  • 6-month diploma in production
  • 4-month diploma in production
  • 1-month introductory course (workshop)


FA’s course in Journalism centers around parts of news-casting in current media, which readies the applicants to research occasions, break them down and offer them to general society. The impact of media openly is impressively high and henceforth the extent of news coverage is especially on the higher side. This is one of the segments that draw in the youthful age with its extraordinary working style. It opens up work openings in different fields of media, for example, news channels, magazines, diaries and so on and can look for some kind of employment as Reporters, Correspondents, Editors, and Writers and so on.
  • 6 month diploma in sound journalism.
  • 4-month diploma in sound journalism
  • 1-month introductory course (workshop)


URDU for BOLLYWOOD is a unique technique for Voice Culture, Verbose Training, Speech, and Dialog Delivery famously created by FASMF’s Guru Raaja Jaffrey to prepare and refine exhibitions of yearning performers. This learning module underscores the significance of Urdu Diction and its commitment to the refinement of acting ability. Best on-screen characters in Bollywood have aced this workmanship and keep on wowing gatherings of people of all age bunches with their tendency and capability towards the Urdu vernacular. Module highlights includes
Urdu diction | Voice culture | Bollywood verbose | Understanding your voice and sound | Understanding  and mastering breath | Expanding base and outreach | Poetry in action & motion | Poetic conversation & communication |  Voice acting & dubbing besides several other acting skills.
  • 3 month diploma in Urdu Diction
  • 4-month diploma in Urdu Diction
  • 1-month introductory course (workshop)